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Otizm DŁnyası

Helping Parents Of Autistic Children Put The Pieces

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Yorumu gönderen: Albo( r81bk.ru ), 17.02.2012, 07:48 (UTC):
Nice job; there are so many tips that gniivg an exhaustive review would be impossible and perhaps longer than the book itself. Tips on making picky eaters expand their eating repertoire would be handy. We've gotten Lily to expand by hiding veggies in her main foods, right in front of her, of course, pointing out that macaroni and cheese with peas is a yummy way to eat the peas (they're frozen peas so are sweet; I'd totally get the not eating canned peas).We're fortunate that textures of foods don't factor in. The kids reserve their texture issues for clothes, socks, shoes. sigh.

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