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Autism Speaks With Its Own Creative Voice

Autism Speaks With Its Own Creative Voice

An exhibition in the United Kingdom showcases the rich talents of those individuals with autism. This tells the world what those closest to the disorder already know. What they know is inside autism is a rich, creative world if one but reach for it.
That potential to draw, to paint, to play music, to design that comes with the ability to fix specifically on one particular thing in a unique way is being displayed at an exhibition in the United Kingdom. The exhibit allows the public to see the rich array of creative items those with autism can produce if they are given the opportunity to reach their fullest potential.

Mark Lever, NAS Chief Executive, said; "There are over half a million people with autism in the UK - that's 1 in 100 - and many adults with autism tell us how important art and creativity are in their lives. The variety and quality of the work on show is just incredible and we hope this exhibition will bring home to Government, local authorities and the general public just some of the realities faced by people with autism across the UK today."

An online gallery of the work carried in the exhibition will be available at
www.think-differently.org.uk. In the meantime the tangible evidence of the fine work of those with autism can be found in the exhibition at The Galleria Pall Mall, 30 Royal Opera Arcade, London, SW1Y 4UY is open 10am-7pm (Tues, Weds, Fri), 10am-4pm (Thurs), and 9am-5pm (Sat).

The National Autistic Society is the principal charity for individuals with autism spectrum disorders that includes both autism and Asperger syndrome. It is active in support of parents, professionals and those with the syndrome. In the United States, where autism is reported to have reached epidemic proportions, the support group on the Internet has a picture that reveals how the organization acknowledges all those involved in assisting individuals with autism as well as the individuals themselves.

The accent on the can do rather than they cannot is part of the victory that parents and the community are able to produce, according to families.
One unique individual shares her life in a blog, revealing the level of creativity that can be found in those with Aspergers, within the specturm of autistic disorders. Donna Williams blog is called “ever the arty Autie” and goes on to display her writing and art skills and to discuss her musical abilities, since she is the lead of her own band “Donna and the Aspinauts.” She describes herself and the blog as this: “

This is the blog of Donna Williams, author of the best-selling autobiographies Nobody Nowhere and Somebody Somewhere (there are four books in that series), four text/self help books, a book of poetry and prose, and a number of fiction works . She’s the singer-songwriter/composer of two music CD’s and a mad artist, creating paintings and sculptures!

Williams wrote this in response to the fires in her region of Australia where her own family was impacted:

“But sadly this may not be the end. Scientists warned it would happen.  And the ways we’re responding, whilst noble, will not solve the fact we are heading for more of these in the near future.”

Inside her own world, Donna reveals by her writing the ability to look outside it.

Individuals with autism can achieve, and some attain University degrees. Hans Asperger who coined the term Aspergers syndrome, said it best:

"Able autistic individuals can rise to eminent positions and perform with such outstanding success that one may even conclude that only such people are capable of certain achievements ... Their unswerving determination and penetrating intellectual powers, part of their spontaneous and original mental activity, their narrowness and single-mindedness, as manifested in their special interests, can be immensely valuable and can lead to outstanding achievements in their chosen areas."

The hope and the love that can materialize following the initial unhappy news that a child has autism is talked about at conferences and everywhere families and individuals meet or professionals share their experiences about autism. The creative works displayed in the United Kingdom reveals, as was said in the article about it it, a living testimony about the devotion and care that can allow individuals to flourish who might otherwise be left out.


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