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Children with autism need special assistance

Children with autism need special assistance

After reading the Feb. 20 article, "Suit: Autistic boy was tased," I felt compelled to help educate the Central Indiana community about autism and some of the resources available to assist families, educators and others about the special needs of this special population.

Autism is one of the most common developmental disabilities in the United States. Autism is very complex and encompasses a wide spectrum of behaviors and skills in the areas of socialization, communication and repetitive interests or activities. Although the exact cause has not yet been determined, researchers do believe that autism is a neurological disorder potentially caused by a combination of genetic and environmental factors. Although individuals with this disorder do indeed have unique learning styles, they are capable of learning, leading a fulfilling life and having successful interactions in the community.

Each individual with autism requires programming that provides attention and focus to that child's needs, motivations and strengths. In the educational environment, this individualization is facilitated through the use of an Individualized Education Plan or IEP. The IEP provides information related to the means for most effectively educating the child with special needs and is developed by those most knowledgeable of the child including the parent or caregiver. Also, the IEP often has information related to methods of prevention and dealing with behavioral episodes that might interfere with the child's success in school. However, as with any tool, these documents can be helpful only if used as appropriate.

Right now, there are more than half a million children in this country diagnosed with autism and the number continues to climb. In 1993, autism was said to affect one child in every 10,000; today, it affects one in 150 and is four times more common in boys than girls. Experts across the nation attribute this marked increase to awareness, improved diagnoses and a broadening definition of the autism spectrum disorders.

A variety of entities (including the Autism Society of Indiana, Crossroad Easter seals and the Indiana Resource Center for Autism) offer education and training to parents, teachers, medical professionals and first responders. In addition, the Christian Sarkine Autism Treatment Center at Riley Hospital for Children has been a leader as one of the largest autism centers in the nation and Indiana's only comprehensive academic treatment center specializing in autism care.

The HANDS in Autism program, responsible for most of the center's core outreach service and programming, is currently collaborating with IPS Rousseau McClellan School 91. This unique opportunity has enabled the school and district to build capacity in their work with children with autism, to develop a broader system for observation, training, and educational opportunities for others within the district as well as apply the skills to other children with a developmental disability.

Children with autism are unique, but they are children nonetheless. They want to be understood and successful like everyone else. But their minds work differently and we must accept and support those differences. As Lee Grossman, president and CEO of the Autism Society of America said, "The investment our nation makes today in early identification, services and support will create opportunities for these individuals to contribute meaningfully in our society."

Swiezy is the Alan H. Cohen Family Scholar of Psychiatry, associate professor of Clinical Psychology in Clinical Psychiatry and the clinical director of the Christian Sarkine Autism Treatment Center as well as program director of HANDS in Autism at Riley Hospital for Children and IU School of Medicine.


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